This Chilean Lifeguard Drone Is Seven Times Faster Than A Human Lifeguard

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s a lifeguard drone!

Named after the Greek hero who slayed Medusa, Project Perseus is a joint project by American company Green Solution and the British X-Cam that is testing a joint venture on the shores of Chile. The ambitious task, inspired by a similar Iranian invention, aims to rescue swimmers with the use of a ‘lifeguard drone.’

According to AETecno, in an emergency situation, the rescue drone would launch from its shore side charging station, equipped with three floatation devices. The drone would then drop the devices next to the distressed swimmer and provide them with instructions via its built in speakers.

All the while, the bright red drone would serve as a marker for human lifeguards to swim out to. Additionally, the drone would be equipped with a camera which would transmit a live feed of the swimmer below to lifeguards and officials on shore, in order to monitor the situation from afar.

Project Perseus is on track to sucess, with tests of the lifeguard drones seeing them arrive to their destinations in an average of thirty seconds, a full three minutes before the arrival of the average human lifeguard.