Divorced Couple Share Letters of Gratitude With Their Child’s Stepparents

“You’re doing the things I couldn’t. And I love you for that, man.”

After seven years of marriage, Tara and Jamey split up. Their son, Nak, went to live with Tara and her new husband, Jason. Jamey would marry Natasha. The process of creating a new family dynamic with two new co-parents was challenging for everyone involved. “Are you supposed to be someone I hate? Are you supposed to be someone that challenges my own manhood?” Jamey wondered about the new man in his son’s life. Tara was leery about the “new pair of arms that my son will be cuddled in.”

Stepparents Jason and Natasha thought they were invited to attend a panel discussion on blended families, but when they arrived they found Tara and Jamey. Both shared letters that contained their powerful feelings of gratitude for the new co-parents who have enriched their son’s life. Their love and cooperation is a great example for parents looking to bring more love into a child’s life after a divorce.

(H/T SoulPancake)