Colbie Caillat Takes Off Her Makeup for Her ‘Try’ Video

“In the music industry now, every video has to be sexy.”

The photoshopping and digital manipulation of women’s bodies on the covers of magazines and in advertising is so rampant and egregious that the American Medical Association sees it as a health risk. “Such alterations can contribute to unrealistic expectations of appropriate body image—especially among impressionable children and adolescents,” the association said.

That’s why a video released by singer Colbie Caillat for her song “Try” is so important. It exposes the digital and makeup trickery that makes women appear younger, thinner, and blemish-free. “I’m against the ways of the world where people feel like they need to always make things too perfect,” Caillat told told USA Today. “In the music industry now, every video has to be sexy. You have to be wearing basically no clothes to make it go spread around, and go viral. That’s just wrong.”

An excerpt of the lyrics to “Try” by Colbie Caillat.

Put your makeup on
Get your nails done
Curl your hair
Run the extra mile
Keep it slim so they like you, do they like you?
Get your sexy on
Don’t be shy, girl
Take it off
This is what you want, to belong, so they like you
Do you like you?
You don’t have to try so hard
You don’t have to, give it all away
You just have to get up, get up, get up, get up
You don’t have to change a single thing