This Is The Creepy Song That North Korea Blares Through Pyongyang To Wake Up Its Residents

It sounds like a swarm of ghosts is haunting the entire city

Just when you thought North Korea couldn’t get any weirder, you learn that the government wakes up the citizens of its capital city, Pyongyang, by blaring this “song” through the city via loudspeakers.

I put “song” in scare quotes because, well, the song is really, really scary. And it resembles music only in the vaguest sense.

The “song” really sounds more like the entire city is haunted by ghosts. Not the sort of thing you’d want to wake up to before you clock in for your shift at the fake grocery stores around town.

Here’s the song, complete with some bleak, foggy visuals that don’t do much to convince me that Pyongyang ISN’T haunted.

If you’re looking for this jam on Spotify or Apple Music—first of all, good luck—it’s called “Where Are You, Dear General.”

YouTube commenters, rarely known for their earnest insight, have compared this song to TheX-Files theme, which appears to be quite similar.

You be the judge.

Still, not something you want soundtracking your morning, but I doubt the people of Pyongyang have much say in the matter.