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This Cruise Line Will Pay You To Quit Your Job And Instagram Your Vacation

Don’t forget to bring a camera

With social media marketing being what it is, it’s hard to know if opportunities like this really create value for a company, or if they serve as an opportunity to get outlets picking up on their crazy job, giving them free press in the process. Either way, a lucky applicant will benefit from the job, and it seems like just about every person with a smartphone has the basic requirements to get the job done.

Royal Carribean is looking for one lucky (skilled?) person to serve as a social media intern tasked with traveling on a cruise ship, taking pictures and posting them to Instagram. If you’re thinking that sounds a lot like a standard’re right. But this vacation not only comes free, but pays a stipend of about $3,700 for three weeks of “work.”

And while you would likely need to quit your job if you up and leave for three weeks to work for another company, maybe you can cram it into your vacation if you’ve got an understanding employer.

Here’s the listing, on Instagram, naturally:

The company website goes into further detail about what this ostensible dream job entails seems like it’s as good as advertised. Royal Carribean’s site describes the “intern-ship” (cute) using the standard “roles and responsibilities” bullet points that seem part and parcel with every conventional job listing:

Royal Carribean

So if you feel you’re up to the task of “uncovering nuggets” while sailing around the world, check out the criteria you’ll need to meet right here:

Royal Carribean

Nothing too strenuous there, eh? The gig is as good as it seems, but the real talent here will surely be distinguishing yourself from the hoards of other Instagram-happy millennials (Prove me wrong, Gen-Xers and boomers!) who will descend on this opportunity like zombies on an all-expenses paid corpse.

Of course, the real jackpot here would be converting this three-week internship into a full-time gig, but there’s nothing on that in the job listing. I suppose if you really shine with those 23 Instagram filters…anything is possible.

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