Can’t afford a vacation? A new site tricks your Facebook friends into thinking you just had an incredible one.

The website reads: “Get ready to brag to your friends on where you went.”

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In the ass-backward digital world we live in, many people now value social media likes over actual real-world experiences. The important part of going to an event has become about taking the perfect selfie instead of creating real memories.

Back in 2014, Zilla van den Born, a Dutch graphic design student, mocked this new way of life by faking an entire five-week vacation using Photoshop. “I did this to show people that we filter and manipulate what we show on social media – we create an ideal world online which reality can no longer meet,” she told The Metro.

“My goal was to prove how common and easy it is for people to distort reality,” she continued. “Everyone knows that pictures of models are manipulated, but we often overlook the fact that we manipulate reality also in our own lives.”

A study by Time magazine shows that this sort of reality manipulation is fairly common. Over one-third of men and 26% of women admit to editing their vacation photos to make it “look like they are staying, eating, or visiting somewhere more expensive than they actually were.”

Now, you don’t even need to know Photoshop to fake a vacation. will Photoshop you into a dream getaway to Disneyland, Las Vegas, Hawaii, the Grand Canyon, and other destinations that’ll make your social media followers jealous for about $40.

Simply take a few photos at a local park, upload them to, and you’ll receive realistic-looking shots that make it look like you’re living the good life.

via Fake a Vacation

via Fake a Vacation

via Fake a Vacation

via Fake a Vacation

“Get your vacation pictures delivered in your inbox and get ready to brag to your friends on where you went,” its website reads. “We take care of everything from providing pictures to educating you about the destination.”

Heck, if everyone else believes you went to Disneyland, who’s to say you didn’t? You might even convince yourself you had a good time without having to fork over $15 for a chimichanga on Main Street.

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