Black Donald Trump Is Back On The Daily Show, This Time With A Rap Song

Some people say he’s very, very, very intelligent

Daily Show correspondent Roy Wood Jr. has become one of the absolute highlights of the show’s new Trevor Noah era, and some of his best work has been alongside fellow correspondent Jordan Klepper. They’ve tackled how to navigate race-based humor together and addressed the big question of Are All Cops Racist? But this rap song by and about Donald Trump might be their best work yet.

Wood is front and center as his alter ego Black Donald Trump with Klepper taking on hype man duties, and Wood set up the segment by telling Noah that, “Trump doesn’t belong in the White House. Donald Trump belongs in a rap video. Everything Trump says is straight out of a rapper’s play book. He brags about his money, he’s disrespectful to women and there’s always fights at his concerts.”

So, since Trump has just been spitting his own fire on the campaign trail this whole time, Wood just used his own words and put them over a “dope beat”. And because the GOP presidential hopeful has woven a rich tapestry of embarrassing comments about, well, everyone over the course of his public career, this certainly isn’t the first time someone has used his rhetoric expose his deplorable point of view about anyone who isn’t him. One political PAC dedicated entirely to halting Trump’s run for office created an ad called “Quotes” that was just women reading terrible things Donald Trump has said about women.

Obviously, none of this has helped. The former host of The Apprentice won five more primaries this week and is basically assured the Republican nomination unless the party decides to completely upend the democratic process at their convention this summer and back Ted Cruz instead. But even if this guy becomes the actual, real life GOP presidential nominee, at least we can play Black Donald Trump’s “They Love Me” loud enough to drown him out every time he’s on TV and rememebr precious lines like “Careful, Ted Cruz. I’ll spill the beans on your woman.”


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