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Digital Makeover: Buy an Album

When was the last time you actually purchased a record? Here are five ways you can buy music and support the artists you love.

You can stream and/or download vast quantities of free music through a variety of places these days, both legal and not so much. But when was the last time you actually purchased a record either online or in your local record store? If it's been a while, we here at CASH Music would like to encourage you to do it today.

While streaming services can be a great way to discover new bands, they only pay artists a fraction of what a digital sale would. It's hard for musicians to make a living from what they're paid by streaming services alone. If you want to make sure your favorite band can release more records, play a show in your town, and just continue to rock in general, then why not buy a record?

Here are five ways to buy:

1) Head to your local record store. This way you're not only supporting the musicians you love, you're also keeping your money in your community.

2) Buy the record directly from the band on their own website. Musicians always make the most money out of direct transactions, whether it be for digital or physical copies. And while you're at it, sign up for the band's newsletter so you don't miss their shows.

3) Go to the band's concert and buy the record from the merch table. I know from personal experience that this will help the band gas up to make it to their next show. Plus, a cool bonus for you is that bands will often have hard-to-find limited edition t-shirts and music releases on tour with them. (Don't forget to stop by the cash machine on the way to the show—most bigger bands will be able to take credit cards at their tables but cash is always best.)

4) Mailorder! Learn what label the band you like is on and visit their website. Don't forget to check out the label's other bands while you're there—it's likely you'll be into something else they've released.

5) Buy it from your favorite digital store. eMusic, iTunes, and BandCamp are all fine places to show your support for great music.

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