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A Diner Overheard The Homophobic Table Next To Her And Responded With A ‘Small Act Of Love’

Her gesture was an effort to “actually act like the Jesus I grew up learning about.”

A Texas woman was dining with friends at a restaurant when she overheard the table next to her speaking about how “disgusted” they were that a liberal nephew had recently come out as gay. The woman, Natalie Woods, who happens to be the very type of liberal and gay person the adjacent family was bemoaning, heard them discuss praying to “cure” him.

Understandably taken aback by their comments, she decided not to confront the family, but rather addressed their behavior in a far different manner – she paid their bill.

But just in case they thought they were being divinely rewarded with a comped meal for their intolerant comments, she left them a note on the receipt:

“Happy holidays from the very gay, very liberal table sitting next to you. Jesus made me this way. P.S. Be accepting of your family.”

Natalie formerly worked at the LGBTQ advocacy group Human Rights Campaign and explained her actions to The Huffington Post after she shared the image and the story on her Facebook page.

She explained, “It’s time myself and the people of this country defend each other, defend minorities, defend people of all races and religions. Sometimes it starts with small acts of love, sometimes it’s protesting in the streets, voting, lobbying, or running for a local office.” As for why she gave her money to pay for the offending party’s meal, she explains simply she wanted to “actually act like the Jesus I grew up learning about” rather than use him as an excuse for intolerance.

Her act may not have initially affected anyone but the table sitting next to her, but it has now found a much wider audience for spreading the message.

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