Disturbing "Art" Weekly Roundup

We're a little behind with these, but we think they're more impressively disgusting when aggregated:

*A Costa Rican artist shuttles a starving dog from the Nicaraguan streets to a gallery, and proceeds to frame the dog as exhibition art, possibly-though it's not known for certain-even letting the dog starve to death. The artist, Guillermo Vargas (known as Habacuc), claimed the purpose of the "work" was to bring attention to the fact that in some countries thousands of stray dogs die on the streets every day.

*Yale University temporarily bans a senior's "abortion art" project after the student refuses to officially agree that she fabricated her creative process of multiple inseminations and self-induced abortions in the name of art. The provost demands that if the University is to reinstate the exhibition, a clear, unambiguous statement must accompany the work stating that it is a work of fiction.

*Controversial German artist, Gregor Schneider, is seeking a near-death individual to breathe his or her dying breath on display. So far, no galleries have jumped on board.

Starving dogs. Abortions. Dying for an audience. Not such a good week for the avant-garde.