Donald Trump Jr.’s Typo Has Twitter In Hysterics

by Tod Perry

February 6, 2018
Donald Trump Jr. Photo by David Becker/Getty Images.


During a time of intense political rhetoric, Trump’s son manages to give us something that all of us can chuckle about together.


On the morning of Friday, Feb. 2, the political world was abuzz about a soon-to-be-released classified memo from Republican Rep. Devin Nunes (California). The memo alleges that the FBI’s investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election began with the controversial Steele dossier. 

NBC reporter Andrea Mitchell questioned whether Congress should release the classified information without the FBI’s consent.

Donald Trump Jr. fired back at Mitchell using his dad’s tired strategy of attacking the press.

It appears as though Trump Jr. was attempting to call the press hypocritical, but his logic was a little twisted. He also quoted The Washington Post’s famous motto (which he incorrectly called a byline) “Democracy Dies in Darkness.” However, Trump Jr. misspelled darkness as “dankness,” which in the world of marijuana users, has a completely different meaning. “Dankness” is a measurement of marijuana potency — the danker, the stronger. 

Trump Jr. left the tweet up, and even he thought it was a little funny. 

The typo gods on Twitter are known to call out even the slightest of mistakes, but many people thought Trump Jr.’s error was pretty hilarious. 

Washington Post reporter Mark Berman and social media director Gene Park thought it was funny as well.

Share image by David Becker/Getty Images and Cannabis Culture/Flickr.


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Donald Trump Jr.’s Typo Has Twitter In Hysterics