Don't Delay

Tom Delay is blogging now. Watch out. Even the old people are doing it. Check out the brilliantly titled to hear Delay's thoughts on politics and, you know, getting indicted. Delay is "extremely excited and energized by this opportunity to meet with you here, in the online marketplace of ideas." He's looking forward to "working in collaboration, not competition, with all those who already use blogs as a way to fight against - and present an alternative - to the liberal media bias." So far the collaboration amounts to comments like:
"Way to go Tom! We're pulling for ya all the way!
You are the glue that binds the gears of America together! Go get em!"

We're pretty sure that the gears of America are supposed to be moving so that they can drive the machine, but, yes, getting indicted for election fraud certainly constitutes gumming up America's gears.