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Education: Morning Roundup

?Morning Roundup: From Gawker: New York City Manages to Ruin Tomorrow's Snow Day for All the Little Children Due to the...


Morning Roundup:From Gawker: New York City Manages to Ruin Tomorrow's Snow Day for All the Little Children
Due to the ominous forecast for tomorrow, New York City has already ordered a preemptive snow day for public schools. Great way to rob these children of one of the greatest feelings that they'll ever have, Bloomberg.
From the Los Angeles Times: L.A. Unified plans to fire more non-tenured teachers than usual
Those targeted represent nearly 6% of all probationary instructors in the nation's second-largest school district. A Times report last year found that fewer than 2% of such teachers were let go.
From The Washington Post: Education secretary pushes to revise student loan practices
Education Secretary Arne Duncan on Tuesday urged the Senate to overhaul student lending, asserting that the banking industry has had "a free ride from taxpayers for too long" and that executives with lending giant Sallie Mae have enriched themselves as borrowers rack up college debt.
From the San Francisco Chronicle: S.F. School board OKs new gay support program
Though the district is facing layoffs and significant program cuts, board members unanimously agreed that the estimated $120,000 annual price tag was worth it to support gay and lesbian students-children who are more likely to experience bullying and skip school because they are afraid.
From PBS' NewsHour: First Lady Kicks Off Campaign Against Childhood ObesityPhoto (cc) via Flickr user Daniel Hurst.

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