Education: Morning Roundup, A Longer School Day?

Morning Roundup:

From The Washington Post: KIPP schools show what a longer school day offers

One reason KIPP students learn more is that they are in school more. KIPP's experience, and that of other schools with extended learning, should prompt the nation's schools to face up to the need to change the school calendar.


From The Wall Street Journal: Charter Backers Flex Political Muscles

Helped by Wall Street financiers, advocates of the schools boost funding in Albany, closing gap with teachers union.


From The New York Times: New York Will Make Standardized Exams Tougher

Officials said that state standardized exams had become easier to pass and that they would recalibrate scoring.


From the Boston Globe: State panel wants to set limits on virtual public schools

The state Board of Elementary and Secondary Education, apprehensive about a new state law that allows public schools to operate almost entirely in cyberspace, will consider imposing limits on the growth of these “virtual schools,’’ much to the dismay of supporters.


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