Education: Morning Roundup

Morning Roundup:\r\n\r\nFrom The Los Angeles Times: Assembly OKs Bills to Change California Schools\r\n\r\nParents would be given more power to transfer...

\nMorning Roundup:
From The Los Angeles Times : Assembly OKs Bills to Change California Schools Parents would be given more power to transfer children out of poorly performing campuses and petition for changes, including removal of the principal. Teachers unions oppose the provisions. From The Washington Post : Duncan Promotes Simpler College Financial Aid Application This month, the government is rolling out a shorter, simpler aid application to reduce barriers to higher education. From The New York Times : City Schools Ignore Law to Cut Class Sizes, Lawsuit Says The teachers' union and other groups said that despite extra money intended to reduce the number of students, class sizes have grown. From Education Week : Second Study Gives Thumbs Up to N.Y.C. Charters Students in New York City's charter schools make bigger learning gains than their traditional public school counterparts. From the Times Online : Career Switchers Shake Up Teaching In the U.K., career-changing professionals are set to outnumber new graduates in the teaching profession as they look for a secure career and a less money-obsessed lifestyle. Photo via