Entire English Hillside Gets Coked-up

For its promotion of the United Kingdom's Recycle Week, Coca Cola has placed 200,000 aluminum cans on an English hillside in a re-interpretation of one of its classic advertisements from 1949. The idea, it seems, is not only to promote recycling in and of itself (clearly, those cans would take up plenty of landfill space), but also to convey how the process reduces carbon emissions and energy consumption across the board.[youtube] execution here is pretty sweet. Here's a look at the original ad:

And the new one:

Still, it's Coca Cola, so I wonder: Is this a case public relations greenwashing at its most exploitative-a massive waste of time and resources that does more for a company's profile than for the cause? Or, is this a great example of a giant company that, once in a while, totally gets it right?