Watch How Famous Paintings Inspire Famous Films

A new video captures the powerful relationship between film and painting.

There’s a powerful symbiosis between painting and film. Both can envelop the viewer, create mood, and evoke core emotions through color and composition, without words. And the best film directors create scenes with a painter’s eye. Photographer and filmmaker Vugar Efendi captures this relationship between painting and film in his short video, “Film Meets Art.”

“Art inspires cinema, cinema inspires art,” he writes in the description. “As [a] lover of both, I just wanted to look into films that are inspired by famous paintings throughout history. There are plenty of movies more to include, maybe for a second part in the future.”

It’s a beautiful and fascinating series of pairings, and here’s hoping he creates another part soon.

The relationships he includes in this video:

Napoleon Bonaparte - The Duelist

Birth of Venus - Adventures of Baron Munchchausen

Boy in Blue - Django Unchained

Last summer - Inherent Vice

House by the Railroad - Psycho

Christina’s World - Days of Heaven

Pacific - Heat

Ophelia - Melancholia



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