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Flash Sales for Charity Reinvigorate the Philanthropic Lifestyle Brand Concept

Sevenly's graphic T-shirts benefit a new charity each week. So far, the Southern California startup has raised nearly $200,000 for charity

Thanks to the success of TOMS Shoes, it seems like a new lifestyle company putting charitable giving at the center of its brand debuts every week. Jewelry, rugs, and eyeglasses have all been transformed into instruments of philanthropy, supporting causes from clean oceans to rural development in Afghanistan.

So Sevenly, a newcomer in the crowded space, may appear to be riding the coattails of other ideas and businesses that have come before it. But several tweaks to the clothes-for-good business model make Sevenly stand out. Every week, the company posts a new T-shirt and hoodie design to its site: Each seven-day flash sale benefits a different charity. Every $22 t-shirt sold offers $7 to the charity of the week, 30 percent of the revenue. Just seven months after launching, the Fullerton, California-based company has already sold nearly 27,000 T-shirts and raised about $200,000 for charity.

"Sevenly is a connector," says Ryan Wood, the company's director of public awareness and partnerships. "What [our customers] appreciate most is that we connect them with charities and causes they wouldn't otherwise know about. A T-shirt is simply the vehicle for what we hope is a lifetime connection and passion for a charity and cause." Wood says Sevenly first selects important causes to fund, then finds a specific charity that seems to be operating most effectively in each cause's space. This week, proceeds will fund research and advocacy group Autism Speaks—in the past, Sevenly's given to everyone from the Breast Cancer Foundation to the anti-slavery organization Somamly Mam Foundation. Charities aspiring to work with Sevenly can apply here.


Image courtesy of Sevenly

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