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A Savvy Girl Scout Sold 300 Boxes Of Cookies Outside A Pot Dispensary

The effort proved to be win-win for the shop and the Girl Scout.

If knowing your customer truly is the key to generating sales, then one San Diego Girl Scout appears qualified to teach a master class on the subject.

Strategically positioning her cookie sales table outside of the Urbn Leaf cannabis dispensary, an enterprising girl managed to move 300 boxes of the Girl Scouts’ famed cookies in just six hours. That’s 50 an hour — or roughly one box sold every minute.

Recognizing synergy when they see it, the team at Urbn Leaf alerted potential customers to the presence of Girl Scout cookies via the shop’s Instagram account, encouraging those who swing by to pair their “Girl Scout Cookies with your GSC” (“GSC” is another name for the prized Girl Scout Cookie strain of pot).

The company managed to promote the enterprising Girl Scout’s presence while maintaining her anonymity for myriad reasons — not the least of which is the fact that Girl Scouts are only permitted to peddle their cookies at “approved sites.” It sounds as though the girl in question circumvented this policy by selling the cookies from her wagon, but her presence in front of a weed store would nonetheless raise an eyebrow or two at Girl Scout headquarters.

Alison Bushan, a Girl Scouts San Diego spokesperson, diplomatically deemed this approach a “gray area” in the policies governing cookie sales.

This isn’t the first time that a Girl Scout has been inspired by the obvious synergy of baked goods and stoners. In 2014, a 13-year-old spent a couple hours outside a San Francisco dispensary, selling 117 boxes in the process.

Let’s hope both these girls receive the “marketing” merit badges they’re clearly due.

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