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Homeless Girl Scouts In NYC Are Out To Sell 12,000 Boxes Of Cookies

They’ve had so much success, they had to double their goal.

If you live in New York and happen to see more activity than usual outside the Kellogg’s NYC Cafe in Union Square, that’s just Girl Scout Troop 6000 hard at work selling cookies. In 2017, a joint effort between Mayor Bill DeBlasio, the Girl Scouts, and the Department of Homeless Services formed the troop exclusively for girls living in homeless shelters. Previously, the lack of a permanent address had precluded the homeless girls’ involvement in the Girl Scouts.

Despite residing in all corners of the sprawling city, the Scouts of Troop 6000 (who administrators hope will number over 500 soon) have posted themselves up at the prominent location to achieve their goal of selling 12,000 boxes of cookies by week’s end.

A division of Kellogg’s manufactures Girl Scout cookies, so upon learning of the circumstances of this particular troop, the company allowed the girls to sell from their storefront rather than door-to-door. The effort has gone so well thus far that the Girl Scouts doubled their target sales from 6,000 to 12,000 after realizing their early success.

Business appears to still be bustling.

In addition to raising money for their troop, the traditional sale of cookies helps girls learn how to create a business strategy, handle money, and interact with customers. But those skill sets aren’t what keep the girls engaged.

“The most exciting thing is being with the other Girl Scouts,” said 10-year-old Sanaa, speaking to AMNY. “It’s important for us to be able to sell cookies because sometimes parents don’t have money to pay for activities. By selling cookies we can pay for more trips and activities.”

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