GOOD 100: Meet Audrey Buchanan, Innovator Impressario GOOD 100: Meet Audrey Buchanan, Innovator Impressario

GOOD 100: Meet Audrey Buchanan, Innovator Impressario

April 18, 2013

Audrey Buchanan is a Partner and Curator for Summit, an organization that unites entrepreneurs and multi-disciplinary thought leaders through conferences, salon dinners and retreats in order to catalyze positive disruptive change for businesses and the world.
Described as “part entrepreneurs’ conference, part rock festival,” Summit—which has hosted everyone from Bill Clinton to Richard Branson—will locate to a permanent home this year on Powder Mountain in Utah. On the southern side of the mountain, Summit Eden will serve as a residential community built around the ethos of the organization: entrepreneurship, altruism, creative expression, wellness, science and conservation.
“We hope to create a place that serves as an epicenter of innovation and culture for our generation for decades to come,” Buchanan says. “We're looking to build a specific place and a broader community around people who are leaders and disruptors in their fields.”
Buchanan defines these individuals as those who believe that businesses should do more than drive profits — they should have an exponentially positive impact on the societies that enable them to exist in the first place. 
“One of my personal passions is to focus on gathering people in Summit Eden who represent the most diverse spectrum of innovators and entrepreneurs -- across gender, ethnicity, and life perspective,” Buchanan says.
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GOOD 100: Meet Audrey Buchanan, Innovator Impressario