GOOD Challenge Update: No Soap, No Shampoo, No Problem!

We're a third of the way into the GOOD month-long "no soap" challenge, and we're not stinky at all. Hypothesis confirmed, so far.

A third of the way into GOOD's inaugural challenge—an attempt to go an entire month without using soap or shampoo in the shower—and things are turning out wonderfully. Before we get to the details, note that I have been wearing deodorant (but not antiperspirant) and washing my hands after using the bathroom, but I've applied nothing outside of that. And, much to my surprise, my body's been better than fine.

My hair, while not long or historically a problem, has been called soft, and my skin's been called softer. Blemishes on my face and body have decreased noticeably, and, best of all, coworkers, friends, and strangers have all acknowledged that I do not stink. Not even a little. The evidence is stacking up and, increasingly, my view is this: No chemicals, no problem.

Our friends at No More Dirty Looks have joined in the challenge, as have a number of you readers. Let us know how it's going, or start the challenge today. It's never too late.