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The GOOD Challenge: Give Up Soap and Shampoo for a Month The GOOD Challenge: Give Up Soap and Shampoo for a Month

For our inaugural GOOD Challenge, we're going to try giving up soap and shampoo for a month.

Spurred on by an article he read in late 2009, the writer Sean Bonner says he's gone one whole year without using soap—save for washing his hands—or shampoo, believing that the human body "is designed to regulate itself." Though it might sound gross to some, Bonner says his skin and hair have never felt or looked healthier. He also asserts that he has yet to come across a person complaining that he stinks.

As fans of saving money, not dousing our bodies in chemicals, and killing myths, we here at GOOD are going put Bonner's claims to the test. In fact, we're going to put several ideas to the test this year—12 to be exact.

This month, and this challenge to not use chemicals in the shower, marks the beginning of our GOOD Challenges series. Every month, we will take it upon ourselves to try out new things in pursuit of better health, better communities, and a better world. And we'll give you a glimpse into the process all along the way. Someone once said, snidely, "Things are easier said than done," and we couldn't agree more. That's why we're going to start doing things, challenging things, things we might quit doing because they're too hard. Nevertheless, in the end, at least we can say we tried.

Beginning now, and continuing at least for the rest of this month, a few of us will swear off soap—again, save for washing our hands—and shampoo, and we'll document the results here on the site. Hopefully things won't get too ugly, but if they do, you'll be the first to see it.

Also, for the brave, consider the GOOD Challenges to be opportunities to experiment with our changes in your own home. It might not change your life, but it will definitely change your month.

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