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GOOD Maker Challenge: Win $500 for Your Dream Education Plan GOOD Maker Challenge: Win $500 for Your Dream Education Plan
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GOOD Maker Challenge: Win $500 for Your Dream Education Plan

by GOOD Maker

May 2, 2012

Imagine an educational model where students could learn anything from anyone, anywhere, using whatever methods work best for them.

That's the idea behind Skillshare, an online community marketplace for learning and teaching where everyone can be a student and everyone can be a teacher. At the company's Penny Conference in New York City earlier this month, participants discussed how to take such educational innovation to the next level. The conference shares its name and purpose with 18th-century Penny Universities, coffee houses where men and women congregated to debate the issues of the day and discuss possible solutions. Back then, participants paid a penny to participate. Now, Skillshare is the one giving out the pennies.

To encourage people to think critically about the future of education, Skillshare has launched a GOOD Maker challenge, which will award a $500 grant to the best plan to "reinvent education with your dream learning plan." Whether your ideal education model is participating an immersive performing art piece, canoeing down a river, or starting your own modern-day Penny University, share it for a chance at funds to make it happen. Submissions should include the content your proposal would teach, how the plan would work, and how you would share it with the community.

Submit your plan to the Skillshare Challenge between now and May 21. Then recruit your networks to vote for your project between May 22 and June 4.

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GOOD Maker Challenge: Win $500 for Your Dream Education Plan