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GOOD Maker Challenge: Win $500 to Share Your Skills GOOD Maker Challenge: Win $500 to Share Your Skills

GOOD Maker Challenge: Win $500 to Share Your Skills

by GOOD Maker

July 5, 2012

Napoleon Dynamite said it best: we all need to "work on developing some captivating skills." That’s why we’re using July to inspire the GOOD community to 'Do It Yourself' and share our useful skills with each other. We're interested in your skills, and want to hear how you will share them to foster a more well-rounded and educated community. If you're interested in hosting an educational workshop, let us know and you could win $1,000 from Big Wheel Brigade and GOOD to make it happen.

You could teach innovative app development, hold creativity workshops, or share techniques on how to recycle old products. Simply tell us what's innovative and educational about your skill we'll award $1,000 to the top-voted submission. Educating is awesome. You'll be thanked later.

Entries to the Host a GOOD Workshop challenge will be accepted from July 2 through July 23 at noon Pacific Time. Voting will be open from July 24 through July 31 at noon Pacific Time.

Interested in participating in upcoming Challenges on GOOD Maker? Drop us a line at maker[at]goodinc[dot]com, sign up for our email list, or check out the current challenges on GOOD Maker.

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GOOD Maker Challenge: Win $500 to Share Your Skills