GOOD's Islands for Islands Project Winner Announced

For our Islands for Islands Project, we asked GOOD readers to redesign a traffic island in their city. The prize: A trip to the tropical island of...

For our Islands for Islands Project, we asked GOOD readers to redesign a traffic island in their city. The prize: A trip to the tropical island of Dominica. The submissions we received ranged from the practical to the fanciful, the obviously doable to the wildly ambitious. All were impressive.While we could only pick one winner, here are a few runners-up we thought deserved a mention. Each will get a stylish GOOD T-shirt.The Totally Unlikely Award goes to Geoffrey Ravenhill for his intersection aquarium. We'd probably need to get a height limit for trucks under that hammock, but it looks lovely.

The Ready for City Hall Award goes to Forrest Smith for his attractive and compelling proposal to provide protection, rainwater management, and some visual clutter busting in Portland.

The Interactivity and Playfulness Award goes to Marjory Garrison and Brendan Ravenhill for the seed bombs incorporated into their pirate-themed island redesign.

And the Islands for Islands Winner is Natale Cozzolongo. Cozzolongo chose a particularly challenging sloped island in Pittsburgh and turned it into a tiered, multi-functional space that allows for farming, jogging, and lounging; incorporates rainwater management and wind power generation; and connects the space to other pedestrian-accessible avenues. She wins a trip to the island of Dominica. Congratulations!

All the submissions were fantastic. You can see them on the Project page. We're honored to have you talented folks among our readership. We'll be in touch with the winners directly. Look for more GOOD Projects soon.
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