Sugata Mitra Wins $1 TED Prize for 'Future Learning' Project

In part seven of the Future Learning series, see how a public computer helped poor children in Hyderabad, India teach themselves English.


Sugata Mitra, Professor of Educational Technology at Newcastle University and visiting professor at M.I.T., talks about how his Hole in the Wall Experiment helped poor children in the slums of Hyderabad, India teach themselves English. Giving them access to tools like computers, Mitra showed that uneducated, non-English speaking children could work in small groups to teach themselves how to speak and read. Watch to learn more about how children with the right tools can be empowered to gain literacy and find the answers to the world around them.

This video is part seven in our Future Learning video series about technology in classrooms. Check out our first video on Khan Academy here and learn about other forward-thinking innovators like Sifteo, Digita Tabula, Innovations for Learning, Connexions, and Collaborize Classroom.

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