Google Warns Users Of Widespread Email Phishing Scam

Google is warning everyone about a widespread phishing scam

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A sophisticated email virus that spread like wildfire caused Google to tweet out a warning on Wednesday.


People everywhere have been receiving emails designed to look a Google Doc shared with them by a contact. Although the email looks convincing, it’s addressed to a suspicious recipient: “”

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Those that click on the email’s Open in Docs link will then be asked to share their log-in information and select an account to view the document. After permission has been granted, the virus takes control of the app, and then spreads itself to everyone on the user’s contact list via email.


If you’ve received the email, don’t open it. Report it as spam or phishing. If you did click the link, your password and personal information may have been compromised.

What to do if you clicked the link:

— Notify people on your contacts list to be aware of any emails sent from your address

— Go to your Google account settings and remove the app which will be listed as “Google Docs”

— Change all of your affected passwords