Hark! New Animals Discovered

Great news. While as many as 27,000 species become extinct every year, new ones are being discovered and they are mighty cool looking (I especially love the supremely ugly E.T. salamander and the crystal frog, which is see-through). You can read more about the good folks who discovered them here, and their efforts to protect these new beasts' natural habitat in southeastern Ecuador from agriculture, mining, and (duh-abstract is there, but login required) logging. Below, some images.

That's the thing that looks like E.T. It's a rare salamander.

This is a poison-arrow frog. It's male, and is carrying a tadpole.

That's a katydid. They found it was a new species by its partially inaudible calling song.

This little guy maxes out at half an inch in size. It's a minute frog.Photos (from top): Luis A. Colomba; Jessica Deichmann (2); Holger Braun; Luis A. Colomba