Hate Your Bank? Try Austin's Mango

Mango was developed to provide financial services to the poor, but it might be the future for all those who are sick of banking as usual.

While we're eating the biggest burgers and visiting the RV Hall of Fame , the real point of the Edge of Progress Tour is to meet and interview some of the most innovative thinkers in the cities we're visiting. This is the third of those interviews.


Mango Money Center is a bank for people who hate banks. At Mango, you won't find stacks of deposit slips, tellers behind bulletproof glass, or loan officers in suits trying to talk you into refinancing. Instead, money "coaches" in bright orange T-shirts welcome you into the open, spare store and direct you to one of the self-service kiosks. Mango was developed as a simple way for the 60 million Americans who don't have bank accounts to interact with the banking system in an easy and friendly system; an attractive alternative to the check cashing or payday loan stores that the "unbanked" traditionally have to use. But, with its paperless system and emphasis on mobile and online banking, Mango might be the future for those who already have bank accounts as well, but are sick of banking as usual.