Human Infographic! GOOD Attacks Traffic in Los Angeles

GOOD Attacks! brought an infographic flashmob to downtown Los Angeles.


We don't have to tell Los Angeles residents how frustrating it can be to get around this city—drivers here spend a whopping 72 hours per year trapped in traffic. (That's double the national average!) But we thought we'd show them, and the rest of the world, just how huge an effect we could have on traffic flows if just 3 percent of drivers switched to biking and public transportation.

So in December, GOOD "attacked" downtown Los Angeles with an infographic flashmob of people who care about fixing the city's transportation crisis. With the help of Minneapolis-based creative agency mono, we were able to wrangle volunteers and create an impact, quickly and memorably.

Let us know what you think of the result. We hope this experience will be the first of many GOOD Attacks!—a new platform for change.