Invasive Species Diet: Author Hunts, Eats 'Aliens' for the Greater Good

Jackson Landers grew up vegetarian. Now he wants you to hunt and eat invasive species.

Jackson Landers grew up vegetarian and now he's not only the published author of a how-to book on hunting and eating deer, but also a book called "Eating Aliens," on the subject of hunting and eating invasive species.

In a Grist Q&A, Landers makes a case that some who are vegetarian for environmental reasons may find compelling, while others will be pretty put off by his "scent memory of stinky armadillo belly." He also suggests that there might exist a potential market solution to invasive species.

Q. So why can’t you buy a venison burger at McDonald’s?

A. Deer are a designated game species. Agencies don’t want to see it monetized, which would incentivize the taking of wild game. That said, I think there’s tremendous market potential with regard to invasive species. I think that could be done with wild pigs—trapping boar, slaughtering them, processing that meat, and selling the pork at local farmers markets.


Photo via Flickr (cc) user Justin Wright.