If you’re into reproductive rights and jewelry, then you’re in luck!

Etsy vendor and OB-GYN Dr. Virginia Smith has created the best of both worlds with her handmade IUD-shaped earrings. Smith has shipped over 200 pairs of her reproductive rights inspired jewelry to the state of Colorado over the past few months. She originally made them for fun, at the behest of a colleague in her hometown of Akron, Ohio, but once a handful of Colorado women’s health advocates discovered them and began wearing them around, they’ve become a bit of a political emblem in the Centennial State.

The motivation behind the trend is a bipartisan bill, which Colorado politicians hope to assign $5 million to a family planning program that provides IUDs and other forms of long term contraception to women at little to no cost to them. The program already exists through private funding, but the well will dry up on June 30.

Image via Etsy vendor sharlencreations

“I fully support women being able to have affordable access to IUDs, to choose to postpone pregnancy to when they’re ready,” Smith told BuzzFeed News. “Nothing but good can come from that.”

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