Jadakiss and Styles P To Open Chain of Healthy Juice Bars in Low-Income Communities

The artists want to bring healthy food to the areas where it’s most needed.

For many residents of low-income neighborhoods, healthy food (no, McDonalds “lettuce burgers” do not count) is often miles away. While the nation has been trying to water these food deserts, change has been slow. That’s why artists Jadakiss and Styles P, both of whom grew up in Yonkers, New York, decided to start a chain of healthy juice stores, to be built solely in low-income neighborhoods.

In an interview with Elite Daily, Styles P said: “In the poorer communities, mostly, the money gets invested in liquor stores and the kind of things we don’t need.” The US Department of Agriculture estimates that close to 23.5 million people live in food deserts in America. 13.5 million of them are low-income, and many of them reside in urban areas. So together, Styles P and Jadakiss plan on opening three juice bars, called “Juices for Life,” with at least one in their hometown of Yonkers. As Jadakiss told Elite Daily, “Growing up in Yonkers, New York, we didn't know what was good for us … and that's exactly what we're trying to give to our community.”

Check out the video of the artists and their big, beautiful vision above.

(ViaElite Daily)