We're pretty convinced that what people eat-and how that food is produced-is an issue that matters for the world. It affects people's health, the health of the environment, and, of course, the lives of other creatures.

Our cover article from Issue 009, Guess Who's Coming As Dinner? covered the trend of small farms respecting their animals' interests in life and slaughtering them humanely. Here are some reactions:

-The folks at are concerned that focusing on an animal's quality of life distracts everyone from the ultimate moral outrage: the animal's eventual slaughter.

-Greengestalt suggests an innovative new labeling system for meat.

-One reader reminds us that "Getting your testicles cut off without painkillers isn't being pampered." We wouldn't disagree.

-In other reading, philosopher Peter Singer has a great essay arguing for vegetarianism called, appropriately, A Vegetarian Philosophy.

-Also, environmental vegetarianism: the argument for going vegetarian for the planet's sake.