Learn Your Damn Homophones (and Generally Improve Your Damn Grammar) in 2010

If you can't bare to read this sentence because it effects you negatively, than your going to wont to visit Learn Your Damn Homophones, which is a nice compliment to the Economist's stylish "Dos and Don'ts" of writing.Learn Your Damn Homophones is awesomely hilarious. It tackles affect vs. effect, compliment vs. complement, discreet vs. discrete, and even versus vs. verses-and with panache. Although flawless grammar is by no means the be-all and end-all of good writing, bad grammar can severely obfuscate any idea a writer intends to communicate. I'm astonished at how poorly I understand (and how often I mangle) the English language. So I'll take any help (and laughs) I can get.Via HTML Giant. Grammar afficionados might remember that site's David Foster Wallace-inspired Grammar Challenge from last year (read: December), which proved difficult for its very literate commenters.