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Let Us Salute the World’s Craziest Marathoners Let Us Salute the World’s Craziest Marathoners

Let Us Salute the World’s Craziest Marathoners

by Zach Dundas

July 29, 2010

No concept in the weird world of sports freaks me out quite as severely as ultramarathon running. Thanks to a personal close encounter with the cycle-borne madness of gravel grinding, I am familiar with the ultra-endurance athlete’s mentality, but I will never understand it. I admire the dedication ultra-athletes bring to, say, the Leadville 100 or the 135-mile Badwater Ultramarathon. I just can’t quite fathom it.


And so Strabel’s early lead evaporated, and Roes ambled to the finish line first, in the impressive and terrifying time of 2 hours, 54 minutes, and 44.49 seconds. (Maybe with effort, he can shave that extra half-second off his time next year.)

Whatever motivates the men and women of Crow Pass, we mere mortals must salute them. In an age of sanitized sport, they take competition back to its most elemental and mythic roots. And, no doubt, they feel absolutely horrible afterward.

Photo from Marc Lester/ Anchorage Daily News

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Let Us Salute the World’s Craziest Marathoners