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Look Out Chicago: Here Comes GOOD Local

Chicago is known for many things—fabulous architecture, hot dogs, wind-blown hair, and a sandy beach inside a land-locked state. Under the hustle and bustle of the city lights, we are a place of humble dreamers and builders, where celebrities are treated like everyday people, Cubs fans still hang onto hope, and architects “make no little plans.” Our city is filled with people doing amazing and inspiring things, and GOOD Chicago is bringing these creatives together to make collective change locally. GOOD Chicago is an initiative led by local residents and engaged citizens who organize events and activities that get the community learning and doing good. Join us to keep the Windy City moving forward.

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Meet the Team

Becca Stahl

Film Ninja

I'm a Midwest transplant with east coast breeding and some west coast sensibilities. I've spent at least one night in every time zone in the world and I believe that red lipstick can cure a bad day. I'm a film producer, and I think every story is better when it's told beautifully.

Benjamin Shorofsky

Crafty Kid Focused on All Things Sustainability

I am one of those naive people who believes that the most important part of life is to do what you are most passionate about. Because of that, I spend my work days entrenched in local sustainability initiatives and my free time baking bread, building furniture, gardening, brewing, and exploring the ins and outs of Chicago. I am excited to continue that exploration as part of GOOD Local and to help build the social impact community here in the Windy City!

Elizabeth Riley

Freak for Impact

I'm the Program Manager for Impact Engine, an accelerator program for businesses making the world a better place. No human being loves eggs more than me. My personal motto is, "Let your freak flag fly high!"

Lorenz Tongol

Creative Thinker

I work with a wonderful start-up company where I focus primarily on sales and marketing, with a touch of brand development. I’m a very curious person. I love to try new things. I live for concerts and shows, and I like to read non-fiction books and write. Nothing is out of the ordinary, but everything is extraordinary.

Stacy Kim

Special Educator, City Walker, and Lifelong Learner

I am a Special Education teacher at a primary school. My students' joy and curiosity inspire me every day. Aside from education, I am passionate about creative storytelling and social innovation. I'm so excited to learn, explore, and do good with the GOOD Chicago community!

Say hello to GOOD Chicago in the comments below. Want to get involved in GOOD Local? To learn more about being GOOD Local Chapter Leader, email us at local at goodinc dot com

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