Sex Study Shows Millennials are Less Promiscuous Than Previous Generations

A new study finds that Millennials are less promiscuous than Baby Boomers.

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Another study came out proving, once again, that Millennials are working hard to earn the title, “The Boring Generation.” Through all of their technological savvy and dating sites, they still haven’t mastered the simple art of having sex. A survey of 33,000 people conducted by the University of San Diego found that Millennials average 8.26 sexual partners in their lifetime whereas Baby Boomers averaged 11.68.

The study also found that Millennials are more accepting of premarital sex although they choose to share the joy of it with less people. The reason could be that Millennials have more “friends with benefits” relationships, which curb promiscuity, and were raised with a greater fear of STDs and HIV.

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