Neighborhood Watch: Thursday, Dec. 18

Today is International Migrants Day. UNESCO is sponsoring a global radio marathon where migrant groups can tell their stories on participating stations worldwide.The Smoking Gun has collected 2008's Mug Shots of the Year.Speaking of criminals, this whole Madoff thing stinks. First the SEC ignores 10 years of warnings, now Mukasey recuses himself from the case. Mark our words, this was more than one guy's Ponzi scheme.Amazing photo blog The Big Picture has released volume one (of three) of their ├╝ber-amazing The Year 2008 in Photographs. Absolutely mind-blowing.Slate's Dana Stevens reviews Darren Aronofsky's new film The Wrestler. Her verdict: "I'm hard-pressed to find a moment in this strangely delicate movie that doesn't play true."Scientists think the primary culprit of man-made climate change isn't your SUV. It's coal.Face-off! This NY Times article describes the steps taken in the first face transplant performed in the U.S.From the GOOD Community: For those of you in the Boston area, twining would like to know what you think of putting in a mixed-use, green development in Kendall Square. (Photo: Nike Air Max 90 made out of a hamburger, courtesy of Olle Hemmendorff.)