Teens Create an App That Fights Hunger

by Mike Albo

February 26, 2016

This new app may be the spiritual opposite of a selfie. High school seniors in Garrison, New York, have designed a new Seamless-like app called Pay It Forward that lets users buy a meal for a person in need at checkout. 

The teens were announced last month as winners of Verizon’s Innovative App Challenge for their concept. They’re earning $20K for their school, and an expert coder from MIT will visit their school to train them in coding so they can build the app for public use. It will be available for free download on Google Play. After the February 27 training session, the team will present their completed app in person at the National TSA Conference in Nashville (June 28–July 2), courtesy of Verizon.

According to their proposal video, the young designers were inspired by a pizza place that allows customers to buy slices for those in need.



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Teens Create an App That Fights Hunger