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The Transgender Community Has a New Way to Find the Right Doctor

Many trans people struggle to find physicians who understand their specific needs. That just got a little bit easier.

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Finding a good doctor is never easy. But finding a doctor for many transgender people can be especially difficult: someone who isn’t just sensitive, but keenly attuned to the specific needs of transgender individuals. That’s why a new website called “MyTransHealth”* helps transgender people find trans-friendly doctors in the location, and specialty, they’re looking for.

According to The Daily Dot, all of the providers listed in the database will be screened in advance to ensure that they’ve been properly trained. Kade Clark, who founded MyTransHealth along with two other partners, told the Dot: “Over half of trans people educate their doctors on how to treat them … And then about 19 percent are refused care. They don't even have the chance to educate the doctor because they won't even see them. So people get to a point where they stop looking for care, which is the biggest issue.”

MyTransHealth will be divided into four separate categories: medical, legal, mental health, and crisis. Currently, the site is in its start-up stages, with a Kickstarter expected to launch sometime this July. A similar site, RAD Remedy, is also in its planning stages. While MyTransHealth screens doctors, Rad Remedy acts like a Yelp or ZocDoc, allowing users to search for trans-friendly providers in unique specialty areas that run the gamut from allergies to top surgery.

While both sites are relatively new, their impact could be transformative. Check out a video explaining MyTransHealth below.

(Via The Daily Dot)

*Correction: the initial article had MyTransHealth listed as an app. It is a site.

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