A fashion line just introduced $315 jean panties and people aren’t having it.

They debuted last year at the Paris Fashion Week.


SSENSE, a high-fashion e-store, is selling a pair of denim “shorts” from the Parisian brand Y/Project on Instagram and people have a lot of questions.

The “shorts,” which have been called “janties” and “jean diapers,” look like a pair of jeans that have been chopped into high-rise panties, prompting the question: “Where would I wear these thigh-chafing chonies?”

An orgy at the OK Corral?

Formal night at a redneck nudist retreat?

The VIP section at a Kid Rock concert?

via Francois Guillot / Getty Images

The shorts originally debuted last year on the runway at Paris Fashion Week, so as high fashion, they cost a whopping $315. The price is insane when you consider that a pair of Wranglers that include legs will only run you about $35.

The “janties” have caused quite a stir on Twitter. People are not only alarmed by the brand’s shockingly-bad taste, but the hygienic consequences of having one’s nether regions protected by a rough patch of denim.

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