Ohio Teacher Blocks Door to Prevent Student Walkout

The nationwide student walkout protesting education cuts and attacks on teachers is happening, but some teachers and students are trying to block it.

As we reported yesterday, a nationwide high school student walkout spurred on by education cuts and the stripping of Wisconsin teacher's collective bargaining rights is taking place today. How widespread is the completely grassroots student response? So far there are confirmed walkouts in at least 20 states.

But not all schools or teachers are supportive of the student efforts. Reports are cropping up on Twitter of a school in Flint, Michigan, that staged a fire drill to prevent students from walking out. Twitter user Jordan White, a student at Lorain High School in Lorain, Ohio, also tweeted the above camera phone photo of his teacher blocking the door, saying in his status update, "My teacher was blocking the door!? No walkout."

To follow the real time progress of these student protests, check the Twitter hashtag #wiwalkout.