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Our Top 5 Infographics About Fun & Adventure

A collaboration between GOOD and Column Five

When it comes to how we spend our leisure time, it's no surprise that Americans are constantly looking for ways to improve our favorite pastimes. Whether it's jumping from traditional books to e-books for reading (above) or jumping from jet planes to rocket ships to tour the stars, we're constantly looking for the next great escape. Check out our favorite infographics about America's changing trends as we pursue fun and adventure.

A More Bike-Friendly America

A collaboration between GOOD and Column Five

Across the country, citizens are hitting the road, eschewing the gas-guzzling automobile for the more active, economical, and eco-friendly bicycle. Certain states, communities, businesses, and universities are leading this trend, investing in bike-friendly infrastructure, implementing legislation, and encouraging their communities to give it a go, much to their benefit. Over the past 10 years, the League of American Bicyclists has worked with hundreds of engineers, government officials, and bicycle advocates to identify the top "bike-friendly" efforts made at state and local levels.

How Gaming is Changing Our Culture

A collaboration between GOOD and Column Five

The current state of the United States gaming industry might surprise you. Your little brother isn't the only one playing, and parents might actually approve. With 58 percent of Americans playing video games, the types of players and the potential benefits they're reaping span far and wide.

The Launch of Space Tourism

A collaboration between GOOD and Corinna Loo

When NASA’s space shuttle program closed in 2011, the Obama Administration filled the void by reaching out to private businesses to transport crew and cargo to low-Earth orbit. With commercial space transportation accounting for over $208 billion of the United States’ economic activity and employment of over one million people, space tourism has the potential to become a new exploration industry.

Which Americans Are Most Connected? (And What Are They Doing Online?)

A collaboration between GOOD and Jenny Ji, in partnership with Acura

It's no secret that Millennials (loosely classified as people born between 1977 and 1993) are the generation on the go. Mobile phones, tablet computers and wi-fi are technologies used every day, and these technologies enable Millennials to take all their networks, friends, and data with them. With 95 percent of Millennials online, it's safe to say being connected is a daily part of their lives. In fact, compared to other generations, they are the most plugged in to the digital world around us.

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