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Overload: Bill McKibben Learns He's a Communist, a Climate Scientist Turns the Tables, and More

The first-ever edition of Overload, a daily round-up of all the energy and environment news that's fit to link, by GOOD environment editor Ben Jervey.

Today I'm taking a page from Nicola's playbook (and Yglesias and Marginal Revolution and countless others before her) and starting a daily round-up of all the news that's fit to link. In other words, these are the tabs that accumulate on my browser over the course of a normal day's media saturation that I thought were really important but I didn't have the time to actually write about. (Today's will actually have some stuff that's gathered over the past week or two.)

Until I think of something better, I'll be calling it Overload, because it's the best vaguely energy-related term that was at all relevant to these sorts of posts. From now on, I'll wrap up every day with one of these round-ups on GOOD's Environment hub. And now, without further ado...

Bill McKibben comes to terms with his communism, after he learns he's red from Glenn Beck.

Big Coal breaks the local union, and then it wipes a West Virginia town off the map. A great long read.

The Brothers Koch battled cap-and-trade back in the early 1990s, too, with a pamphlet that read: Acid rain: headline or hoax?

"They were purposefully trying to deceive everyone." "They" would be BP, and the deception would be the crappy footage of the spewing deepwater well.

House GOPers want to cut international climate funding. Beware the security implications, warns Michael Levi.

Turning the tables, a climate scientists has sued a climate skeptic for libel.

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