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Pando Projects: An (Aspiring) Support Network for Community Projects

Pando Project wants to help you improve your neighborhood-with a mentor, money, training. But right now, Pando needs help to start.


There are many logistical hurdles living in the space between idea and action. That's why it's hard to get a good idea off the ground for a good cause sometimes, especially if you've never done it before. Pando Projects wants to help by creating a support network for any old person who wants to do something good in their community.

The idea works like this: you submit a plan—say, to start a monthly community clean up of a litter-strewn neighborhood park (like in the video above)—and Pando Projects will give your idea a website for raising money, tools to manage volunteers, a mentor who completed a past project and other support.

The thing is, Pando is just getting started themselves, and right now, they are the ones who need a little help. They want to kick off their work in January, 2011 with 25 starter projects. If you have an idea for improving your community (preferably in the New York City area), but aren't exactly sure how to make it happen, sign up here to be in the first round of Pando Projects. You'll get help launching your plan, but you'll also be paying the goodwill forward by helping prove this concept works, and getting Pando off the ground so they can help others in the next round. Watch the video for a bit more on how this works, or poke around their website.

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