Pass the Baton: A More Personal Kind of Recycling

How do you recycle those old items that really meant something to you? Try Tokyo's new store Pass the Baton.

There are lots of ways to get rid of old stuff you don't care about. You can put it on eBay, take it to Goodwill, or just toss it out. But what about when you do care? How do you part with that sweater you got from your first girlfriend or the desk you used to write your novel?

In Japan, a new store called Pass the Baton, a "personal culture marketplace," is promoting a new kind of recycling that lets sellers pass on not just things, but also the stories behind them.

At the Tokyo store and an online web shop, buyers can find vintage clothing, furniture, and art; see pictures of the former owners (some of whom, like A Bathing Ape's NIGO, are design-world celebrities); and read personal anecdotes about the items. As a part of every transaction, the seller can also decide to donate a part of the proceeds to charity. It's like recycling, but more meaningful.

Via Designboom