Pedophilia: A "Touchy" Subject

A new study shows that pedophiles have much less "white matter" wiring in their brains. Bottom line: there are measurable physical differences between "normal" brains and pedophiles' brains.

The study "challenges the commonly held belief that pedophilia is brought on by childhood trauma or abuse. ...[It's] the strongest evidence yet that pedophilia is instead the result of a problem in brain development."

But Dr. James Cantor, the lead scientist of the study adds "There is nothing in this research that says pedophiles shouldn't be held criminally responsible for their actions. Not being able to choose your sexual interests doesn't mean you can't choose what you do."

Of course we'd want to lock up pedophiles to protect children, but beyond just getting them off the streets, should we try to punish them or cure them? It's a question that gets at the heart of our approach to justice. Feel free to elaborate with a comment.