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These Pictures Show Living Alone Never Looked So Good

Is there any other way?

Whether it’s the roommate who’s always home or the domestic partner that dominates a living space, just about all of us have endured the pros and cons of living with someone else.

If you’ve never lived alone, these illustrations from artist Idalia Candelas may be just the push you need to enjoy the seemingly limitless perks of flying solo in your own domain (while of course making room for our cats, dogs and other pet companions as well).

Some of the benefits aren’t too hard to imagine, like being able to walk around in your pajamas all day, or nothing at all if that’s your style. But as ViralSection points out, there are some other more subtle bonuses that could change your whole perspective on home life like leaving the bathroom door open without fear of repercussion.

You can view the full series at Candelas’ excellent Instagram feed but here are a few highlights to get you thinking about the never ending honeymoon that is living alone. Wear what you want, when you want without fear of judgment (cats excluded):

Image created by Idalia Candelas Via Instgram

Feel like reading a Kindle book upside down on the couch in your underwear? That’s not only totally ok, it’s encouraged! No more sneaking off to the bedroom or bundling up in three layers of clothing to avoid an embarrassing arrival from your insignificant other, aka roommate.

Illustration by Idalia Candelas

Tired of keeping the bedroom door shut? Every room in your apartment or home becomes a breezeway when it’s your domain.

Illustration by Idalia Candelas Via Instagram

And yes, the ultimate act of liberation—walking out of the shower and drying off in the open air of your living room. You can leave the bathroom door open while you clean up, or are attending to other needs. After a few rounds of this, you’ll never want to step out into a cramped, steamy bathroom again. Unless, of course, it’s the middle of winter and you want the extra warmth. Either way, it’s entirely up to you.

Illustration by Idalia Candelas Via Instagram

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